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  • Physical injuries occurring at work
  • Repetitive trauma injuries
  • Death caused by work
  • Heart attack as a result of work
  • Stroke as a result of work
  • Construction accidents
  • Work-related car accidents
  • Overuse of a body part injuries
  • Career-ending work injuries
  • Brain injury as a result of a work injury
  • Amputation of arms or legs as a result of a work injury
  • Severe burns as a result of work
  • Depression as a result of work
  • Blindness as a result of a work injury
  • Sexually harassed at work

Not sure whether your injury is a Workers’ Compensation injury?

Some examples from past cases include (BUT not limited to):

– Secretary who types 8 hours a day at a computer for 10 years, who suffer carpel tunnel in their wrists;
– Stock boys who hurt their low back lifting heavy bags of groceries;
– Nurse who works 18 hour shifts and gets stressed from the high demands;
– Press operator who accidentally crushes his own hand in the press machine;
– Welder who suffers vision loss from 15 years of staring at the welding torch flame;
– Waitress who slips and falls in the kitchen;
– Bus driver who suffers high blood pressure from sedentary duties of driving 10 hours a day for 5 years;
– Office manager who gets injured at a mandatory weekend employee teambuilding retreat:
– Delivery who gets into an auto accident while driving a delivery of products (and even when he is driving out of warehouse parking lot after his shift has ended);
– Sanitation engineer who develops lung cancer from breathing toxic cleaning chemicals for 10 years

Since 2008Law Offices of Shon Jeng

My name is Shon Jeng. I’ve been practicing Workers’ Compensation Law since January 2008. What separates me from other Workers’ Compensation Attorneys who represent Applicants (Injured Workers) is that for the first 9 1/2 years of my career, I worked for the insurance companies as their attorney.

Those 9 ½ years included working as in-house counsel for a Fortune 100 insurance company, as well as a partner at a national law firm. Thus, I was the person who told the insurance companies how much to settle for, as well as what to do in every step of the case. So now that I have switched sides, you can trust that I can get you the results you deserve, because I know what the insurance company is thinking!

About our practiceWorkers' Compensation

If you injured yourself at work, even if you believe you caused the accident, you may be entitled to compensation, such as disability payments and medical treatment. The injury can be a single event injury, known as a Specific date of injury such as a slip and fall at work. Or, the injury could have occurred over years of doing the same task at work, such as daily typing causes Carpal Tunnel. If you believe you have a Work Injury, please call us for a FREE consultation.

About our practiceAutomobile Accidents

If you have been injured in a car accident, you are entitled to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other related expenses from either your car insurance company or the driver’s insurance company, depending on who was at fault. The attorneys at Jeng Law and Associates have the experience and knowledge to offer you legal representation for injuries sustained from an automobile accident.

We guide you every step of the way to ensure you receive:

  • Proper medical care
  • Proper compensation for pain and suffering
  • Lost wages (if applicable)
  • Accident related re-imbursements


July 11, 2019
There are three possible ways an injured worker's case can resolve: 1.) Workers' Compensation Administrative Judge's Findings and Order/Award; 2.) Stipulation and Award; or 3.) Compromise and Release.
July 11, 2019
Other than the indemnity and future medical care, there are also other ancillary benefits which the injured working may be entitled to. The minor ones are mileage reimbursement for visits to the doctor or a
July 11, 2019
So now that you have determined that you have suffered a Workers' Compensation injury, you may wonder what benefits you are entitled to. The two main and basic benefits an injured employee is entitled to are
July 11, 2019
A Workers' Compensation injury is an injury or illness that arises out of and in the course of employment. That being the case, in California, all employees must purchase Worker's Compensation Insurance


★★★★★Chad W. | Honolulu, HI

What can I say about Attorney Jeng? First of all whenever I need any help or advice he is the one I immediately think of. His understanding and expertise not only in the legal but also the dental fields has proven invaluable to me time and time again.

Not only is he such a great resource for me, but I truly appreciate his enthusiasm and energy in helping me to find resolution to any problem I may have. He never makes it seem like I am intruding on his time. Instead I always feel like I have his immediate and total attention. I really like that!

Can’t recommend Attorney Jeng enough.

★★★★★Luis K. | Daly City, CA

Attorney Jeng is an extraordinary individual, he is very dedicated to his career, either as an attorney or as a dentist. I have known him.

for so many years and used his legal expertise and advices. He is the “Go To Guy“, who will definitely lay down your options up front and analyze every situation possible and find a solution to come into your advantage. Many Sundays that I call and ask him for legal advice, and he is already awake 7 am working on legal cases, but he will give me the time and answer my questions at that moment or if I miss him, he will call me a little bit later during the same day.

I think he is very reliable and as an attorneys, he is as trustworthy as one can find. Don’t think twice! Use his services if you have the opportunity to do it.

★★★★★Kye J. | Rowland Heights, CA

My experience was awesome! Attorney Jeng is confident, honest, very knowledgeable and a good person overall. Any concerns I had, he always explained things clearly and provided a comfortable experience for me. The staff is helpful, busy at times but knowledgeable as well. Thanks Attorney Jeng, you’re the best!

★★★★★Laura L. | Cypress, CA

I was referred to Attorney Jeng by my friend who had used him as the buyer’s attorney for the purchase of his dental office. I called his office and set up a meeting time as the buyer of my dental office was in a time crunch to close escrow. Attorney Jeng who happened to be a dentist before becoming a lawyer was easy to work with. I didn’t have to explain to him any parts of the sales agreement and he went to work knowing what the required specifics for a dental transaction. Thank you Attorney Jeng! I do enjoy retirement.

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